Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Nascar Santa taught me.

Earlier this week I was walking my dog in my neighborhood and I came across this

My first thought was just "What the H is that?!". The wind was blowing and this thing was hopping around a little bit. Even the dog was startled. My next thought was that I needed to take a photo to post on my FaceBook because it was ridiculously funny. I snapped my photo and kept walking but then it occurred to me that making fun of this thing seemed contrary to my recent efforts to keep my thoughts and intentions positive. I realized that this decoration probably brought someone a lot of joy. So then I wondered what brings me that much joy and would I ever put it in my front yard and expect my neighbors to look at it for six weeks? The best thing I could come up with is that I really love elephants, but I still wouldn't put an inflatable Santa riding an elephant in my yard.

It got me thinking about the things that make me happy on a daily basis. I know it's cliche, but it's definitely the little things in life that often bring us the most joy. I love wearing funny patterned socks, having silly ringtones on my phone and buying my dog silly toys. They're definitely minor things but there are days that looking down at my rooster socks, or seeing my dog carrying around a giant stuffed corn cob perks up my day and makes me smile. So the next time you see something that makes you wonder "Why the heck would anyone do that?", the answer is probably for joy.

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