Saturday, January 28, 2012

Single Handed

          One day this week I was walking into my work and I saw a glove lying in the parking lot. It was in a puddle right by the curb, near our front door. I carried the dripping garment inside and laid it out on a sink grate to dry. I didn't think too much about it.
          Obviously it belonged to a client so I figured she/he might come back looking for it. Later in the day I pointed it out to my boss, so everyone would know why there was a random soggy glove in our treatment area. He said he has seen it earlier and told my co-worker "The world needs more people like you". For some reason I got defensive "What do you mean by that?" He said, "Thoughtful in ways that other people aren't." Wow, what a wonderful compliment! I guess most people wouldn't reach into a puddle for a stranger's glove. If it was my glove and I'd figured out where I'd dropped it, I'd sure love to find out someone had rescued it and set it aside for me.
          I have a feeling no one will ever come looking for that lonely glove. But what if I'd thrown it away and then some little old lady showed up looking for it? I'm sure I'll hang on to it til spring, hoping an owner turns up but at least I feel better than if I'd ignored it and I've even learned a little something about myself!

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  1. You were surprised by your boss' comment because it didn't occur to you that someone *wouldn't* do what you did. I really do wish more people were like that.