Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

            This week’s subject has proven more difficult than I expected. Initially I thought it was a no-brainer. Because I’m an only child my friends fill many roles for me. I have a few friends I’ve known for many years and by now our bonds feel much like what I imagine having a sibling would be like (in fact, I often refer to my friend Jake as “my brother from another mother”). I have many wonderful photos of me with friends but as I scrolled through them all I realized that the most important moments of our friendships are not ones that are typically photographed. When I lost my job a couple of years ago, my close friends rallied around me in a way I had never imagined. I couldn’t have made it through that experience without them but it’s tough to capture that in a photo. So while thinking about why I love my friends, I remembered a text picture that I received from my friend Melissa a couple months back.

            Of course this isn’t very significant without a back story, but that’s what’s so special about friendships. This wine comes from the winery owned by Dave Matthews (I happen to harbor a borderline obsessive love for Dave Matthews). I had a difficult time finding his wine when it first came out and in fact was able to get some at Target thanks to Melissa telling me she had seen some there. On this particular day, Melissa had seen the wine on sale for a price that she believed was actually a mistake and was giving me a heads up so that I might be able to get some. This sweet friend of mine has two beautiful little children plus a husband so I am sure that her time at the grocery store is not leisurely. When I saw that she had taken the time to take this photo & text me, I was touched and I remember thinking “Now that is friendship”.    

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