Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

The majority of my photo challenge entries include pictures of pets. Usually I think of a specific photo or two right away upon seeing the new challenge each week. When I go to find the image, I often scroll through my others thinking "Maybe I should try to find a non-pet photo this week". But often I go back to my first instinct because it's usually the right choice. As I look back through  my previous challenge entries, it's clear that pets are a major part of my life and I like that I am able to show that. I thought of this photo immediately upon seeing this week's challenge. It's me receiving a smooch from one of my mother's dogs, who is no longer with us. She was a loving, energetic dog. She brought my mom a lot of joy in the short time she was in our family. I'm glad I have this memory of her captured and am able to share it. 

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