Friday, August 16, 2013

Workin' It

I've taken a big step this week. (Drum roll please) I've re-entered the work force. In recent weeks I'd been feeling a slight tug in the back of my brain, like it was time to join the world again, to meet some new people, to establish a routine again. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to be doing something. What I did know for sure is that I'm not ready to commit to a permanent job and I certainly don't want to go back to the field of veterinary medicine. I wanted to be part of the economy again, make a little income, try something new. I have a good friend whose in-laws own a staf
fing agency so she encouraged me to give them a call about doing temporary jobs. I went in for an interview last week and was given some job options on the spot. This week I've spent three days cleaning high end homes in an exclusive resort community. I'll do another day this week, three next week and two the week after that. I've never done this type of work before but it's straightforward and it's a nice change of pace. It's not something I'd want to do forever but who wants to do anything forever, really?

On day two, a co-worker was asking some general getting to know you questions. When I told her about my most recent job and my reasons for temping she said "Well you seem really happy doing this" in a high pitched voice that suggested she found that strange. On day three, the owner of the company told me my supervisor was raving about how well I'd been doing. I told her I was glad to hear it, that I was happy to be there and have been enjoying myself. She replied with "You are a just a joy!" I can guarantee you that no one at my last job would say say that I'm a joy. The thing is, I am happy doing this. It feels like a positive step forward out of my cloud of sadness under which I've spent the last two and a half months. Every day there is a scenic 45 minute drive each way, which I spend in the passenger seat. We drive through a canyon, alongside a river. I sip coffee in the morning, Diet Coke on the way home, while I chat with my co-workers and watch for wildlife out my window. It's not a bad gig at all.

I'm curious to see what happens after the next few weeks. I imagine it will be weird for me to leave a job after that short of a time span and go to a new one. But I also think that knowing it's a short term job is part of what makes it enjoyable. I don't feel that sense of dread about work because I know I don't have to do it if I don't want to. I can call the agency and try something new next week. It's quite liberating.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to work yet not take on a long term commitment. Over these months that I've been home, I have changed. I'm not the same person I was when I was working at my last job. Things that were stressful and important four months ago just aren't anymore. I read a great line this morning, in my book of daily positive affirmations "Stress seems to be fairly subjective, controlled largely by perception".  Sure, there are other important things going on but I've learned that everything is going to be okay.

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