Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Good Find

    One of my favorite summer hobbies is yardsaling. I've taken to getting up early on Saturday mornings, spending an hour or so cruising the neighborhood with a mug of coffee looking for treasures. This past weekend, I came across this gem for fifty cents.
      I snatched it from the pile immediately, glancing around to be sure no one else was scoping it out (they weren't). I had this book as a kid and I absolutely loved it. The most beautiful thing about this find is that I had recently been telling my boyfriend about the book and when I looked it up online, I found copies in good condition ranging from $25-$40! I rushed home to share my joy and he patiently sat through a complete reading. It's the story of Louis Pasteur inventing the rabies vaccine. This drawing of an infected dog was always my favorite page in the book.

       Perhaps this is where my passion for veterinary medicine started?

I've actually bought several books from my childhood at yardsales. It's hard to pass on them when they're so cheap and evoke such strong emotions and memories. It's interesting to look back and wonder if these books helped shape who I am or if I was drawn to them because my interests were already there. Either way, I'm thrilled to have this one for my collection and I'm looking forward to Saturday morning!

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