Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

      I like to play a game with my dog that I call "Let's See What Ritz Will Get Into". My boyfriend jokingly calls it cruelty. Usually it's boxes, suitcases, once a gigantic laundry bag. It makes for some pretty memorable photo opportunities. It was hard to choose a favorite but this was probably one of the funniest things he's done. Being a Shar Pei, Ritz has skin issues and so I feed him high quality food with supplements. I had a roommate who fed her dog a different, likely better tasting food and this empty bag was sitting in the living room waiting to go out with the trash. At least we thought it was empty but there were a few delicious morsels left and no matter how far back in the bag I pushed them, Ritz would scoot in to get them.

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