Friday, July 5, 2013

These Little Piggies

I'm not one of those women who goes crazy over shoes. Sure, I can appreciate a pair of cute shoes. I know they can tie an outfit together, but that's not something I've ever had a sense for. I have a few pairs for each season and a couple for special occasions. I don't add to the collection too often. I won't wear uncomfortable shoes, no matter how amazing they look. Several years ago I broke a bone in my right foot and I have custom orthotics I wear in my shoes (most of the time) so that often limits what kind of shoes I buy.

 I wouldn't wear shoes if I could get away with it. Going barefoot is my favorite thing about summer. I have memories of being a kid in the bath tub, holding my feet out of the water so my mom could scrub my blackened soles. I especially love to be barefoot in my garden. There's something about squishing my toes into the warm dirt that makes me feel like I'm truly joining with the earth in the process of growing my veggies.


  1. There is some scientific research that "earthing" or going bare foot has some health benefits. Something to do with the electrons in the ground. There is also a book called "Earthing". It's not always practical to go bare foot, so I invested in some "glove type" shoes called Vibram 5 finger toed shoes.

  2. I've read the same thing, Danny. I love your tattoo Ramona.

    I go out into the garden barefoot and enjoy it as well ... or just walking through the freshly mowed lawn.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. I have two seasons... barefoot and boots :-) I am fortunate that I have a job that allows me to wear sandals, because I believe I have reached that age where summer requires bare feet and bare arms. But bare feet have always been my preference. It's the way we came in and with any luck it's the way i'll go out :-)