Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

This is the only book on my list that I wouldn't read again! I can't even say I enjoyed reading this one, but it effected me significantly and that's the point of this list!

It's part memoir, part behind the scenes look into the restaurant industry. It's a well written book, interesting and funny at times, but the honest look into professional kitchen life was a bit much for me. I think I went at least three months without eating out after I read it!

Even though parts of the book severely grossed me out, I like that it elicited that strong of a reaction from me. It's yet another reminder of how we are all connected in this world, though we tend to forget that. Each time we go out to eat, we are putting our life into the staffs' hands. That may sounds a bit over dramatic but after reading this book, I don't think it is! We trust that people are going to treat our food with care and show up to work sober, but that doesn't happen all the time!

This book shook up my perspective a lot. Obviously so when it comes to restaurants, but also about people in general. And even though I wouldn't read it again, I am glad I read it in the first place. It taught me that you don't necessarily have to like a book for it to have an impact on your life!


  1. I loved this book and having spent my formative years in a restaurant, I sadly wasn't shocked by really anything!! I just choose to put it out of my mind and try to enjoy the experience.

  2. I don't think I'll be reading this book. There are some things I'm happier not knowing.

  3. My husband and sons worked in the restaruant industry in order to pay for their college, the stories they have told me make it easy for me to understand why you didn't eat out for awhile after reading this book.

  4. I haven't read this, but can tell you -- I worked in a POPULAR breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant on the Main Line (not too far from Villanova)... I loved the food there, and even after learning there were mice droppings in certain areas of food didn't stop me.
    That's MILD compared to A LOT of the "grossenings" that happen everywhere, quite often.
    I may have to check this one out. But at a later time -- you've mentioned too many other good ones and I'm a slow reader.