Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q is for Ramona Quimby

More often than not, when I introduce myself to someone, he/she will ask if I was named after Ramona Quimby. I'll admit it makes me feel a bit bad ass to respond with "No, I was named after The Ramones,"but sharing a name with Miss Q hasn't been a bad deal either.

Having my name in common with Ramona Quimby drew me to these books and surely can be partly credited with my love of reading. Discovering there was not one but multiple books with a character who shared my name was fascinating to the young me.

I related to Ramona Q in many ways. While she had an older sister and I am an only child, I understood her desire for her parents' love and attention, and her good intentions that didn't necessarily always go as she hoped.

I spent many a weekend morning propped up in my bed reading these books, laughing out loud at Ramona's silliness. In her, I found a kindred spirit.

I pick up used copies of these books so I can lend them out, but mostly because I like seeing the different version and imaging how many times they've been passed around. I recently found this vintage copy at Goodwill for 70 cents!

I've been called Ramona the Brave and Ramona the Pest, and occasionally even Ramona Quimby, but it never bothers me. I actually considered Ramona the Brave as a roller derby name!

Ramona Quimby was the first literary character I connected to. I have her to thank for a lifetime of being comfortable with a unique name and my love of reading!


  1. I remember reading these books with the kids; she was quite a character!


  2. Great choice! These books were enjoyed by my childhood self as well, and in re-reading the copy you sent to us!

  3. I loved reading Ramona books when I was a kid and I related to the character of Ramona in many ways. My older sister and I even had the same rice bowl hair cuts that they had in the illustrations for those books.

    Have you read this MG graphic novel called ROLLER GIRL? It's really good. I thought I would share the book with you since you mention roller derbying here.