Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hotsprings

Hot tubs and whirl pools are great but in my opinion, you haven’t really lived until you’ve soaked in an outdoor pool filled with hot water that’s coming directly out of the earth.  There is a large amount of geothermal activity in this part of Montana (Think Yellowstone Park, geysers, super volcano, etc) and as a result there are places where that results in natural hot springs available for our enjoyment. Some of them have been commercialized and turned into a lodge/resort, some are more like a public pool with entry for just a few dollars and other still are in untouched/natural areas where you can hike in, take a soak and hike back out.

My favorite of the hot springs I’ve visited is Norris Hot Springs. It’s the most rustic I’ve experienced. The pool is made of wood and there are places where you can feel the hot water pulsing up between the slats. I like visit hot springs because it’s always a fun, relaxing experience and it’s also a reminder of how amazing and powerful nature is.

This photo was taken last spring when I was staying at Jackson Hotsprings Lodge in Jackson, MT. I got up early in the morning to walk the dog and saw this stream, which ran near our cabin, steaming in the chill morning air. 

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