Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Self Portraits

I was a fan of taking self portraits even before digital cameras allowed multiple chances to get the perfect shot. In my younger years, I developed many rolls of film containing some duds but also some gems. Now with my iPhone and its self portrait setting, it's easy to take a picture without anyone's assistance. I like taking photos this way because it allows me a chance to capture a moment without including anyone else. I often take pictures of myself with my dogs with this setting because I can usually take it without really interrupting what we're doing and they don't get too distracted. Because my boyfriend and I do most of our traveling without anyone else, we take a lot of our own pictures of us. I usually think they're cute because they're close up and sometimes off centered and just an honest glimpse of that moment. I have a lot of very special photos of me with a close friend that we took when it was just the two of us.  I can look at any of those photos and remember exactly when it was taken and what we were doing. We're usually having fun!


  1. Its nice to have pics to look back on! They can trigger memory and bring about an emotion!


  2. the digital option is fun, but I also really liked the self timer on my film camera, and the peels of laughter, trying to sit it just right, then run like mad to get into the shot! I guess I can do this w/ the digital too, but somehow it's not the same :-)

    love the expression on your dog's face!

  3. Great self-portrait of you and your puppy! I'll have to try that with my iPhone. I always try and capture pics of my kitties and pup by running and getting the big camera and by the time I've come back, I've lost the cool shot. Why don't I learn?! I enjoyed finding and reading your blog on the A to Z Challenge. If you have a minute and want to drop by, mine is at or #997 "In my own words". Happy blogging!

  4. Pictures are the best!