Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Liz Lemon

When I first started watching 30 Rock, it was because I had a roommate who watched it and I thought it was pretty funny. Then, the more I watched it, the more I came to feel like I was watching a version of myself in the main character, Liz Lemon. There is a bit of a physical resemblance (depending on how I have my hair or if I'm wearing my glasses) but there is much more than that. One of the first times a friend made the comparison, it was via a text message "Is it bad that you remind me of Liz Lemon? She's very successful!" Soon after that, other friends starting telling me that she reminded me of them and that I looked like her, even strangers have mentioned it. Watching the show with my boyfriend is fun because he often laughs harder than he normally would at a situation Liz is in because he knows it's something I would do or say. The episode where she goes crazy because no one is following rules is particularly hilarious to us because obviously (based on the name of my blog!), I'm a rule follower. My relationship with food is also very similar to hers. While some people tease me because of the similarities, I take pride in them. Sometimes, I honestly feel so much familiarity with Liz's situations that it's a relief to me because I think 'Hey, if someone is writing a TV show about this stuff then surely I'm not the only one to experience it".

This is one of my absolute favorite Liz Lemon clips from one of my favorite episodes. It seems like something that would happen to me and exactly what I would probably say in response!

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  1. I've only watched a handful of episodes, but yes, hilarious TV. Love satirical shows that poke fun at stereotypes.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes