Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At The Stars by Better Than Ezra

Better Than Ezra is one of the bands that will appear a couple times this month. They are one of my top beloved bands of all time. I've been listening to them since I was 16 so their music has been a huge part of the soundtrack to my life. I've seen them in concert several times,  met them a few times and I've played cowbell on stage with them twice!

Me (w/arms up) on stage w/BTE, photo later signed by band 2005

At The Stars is a strong song. It's a windows down on a sunny day, sing along loud song. It reminds me of the time I spent living in North Caroling in my 20's. A lot of BTE's music does, actually. This song reminds me of a particular muggy September afternoon I spent back and forth between my apartment and a guy's place because I showed up under dressed for an event and had to go home to change. I remember being hot, sweaty and embarrassed, thinking I shouldn't be wasting my time on this guy. I was right. The song is about wanting to be someplace other than where you are or where you're going. One thing I love about Kevin Griffin's (lead singer) voice is that it always sounds passionate and is expressing the exact feeling it should be.

This song happens to contain what is probably my favorite line of any song, ever:
"I've finally found that everybody loves to love you when you're far away"
I always sing that part as loud as I can! I love that line because I've experienced it in several times in my life and I appreciate having found a song lyric about it. Somehow it's easier to maintain a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with someone from a distance because your idea of that person becomes whatever you want it to be and that's often what we fall in love with more than the actual person. Once we close that distance and have to deal with the reality of each other and the relationship, it's often too much to maintain. Whenever I encounter a song that resonates with me in regard to an experience I've had, particularly one that my friends can't relate to, it's always incredibly reassuring to be able to say to myself Well if someone wrote a song about this then surely I'm not the only one it's ever happened to! 
At The Stars has done that for me many times and every time I hear it, I'm reminded of that. Hearing it always fills me with a general sense of nostalgia and pride for all I've experienced on my journey so far and the great songs I've been listening to along the way!

My cowbell tattoo


  1. And now I understand your tattoo a little better & am CTFU that you have a cowbell tattooed on your body!!! Ramona, yet again, you've caused me to say,"man, she's lived a really cool life!" It may sound corny, but (like a mom) I am so proud of your experiences. In fact, I've decided-- I'm coming back as you in my next life! ;)
    I enjoy how well you bring things full circle. I love that you LISTEN, really listen, to music & can relate it to your life in such a way that makes someone like me want to buy the soundtrack to get a dose of your experiences.
    Thank you over and over again for writing about & sharing your experiences and moments with us. I'm looking forward to this A to Z blog set!
    Love ya, doll.

  2. BTE also holds memories for me in my college days...as always, your perspective is quite refreshing to read! XO

  3. Thank you (again) for reading and enjoying what I write! I hope you like the rest of my posts this month and if you want, I'll burn you a CD of the songs! xoxo

  4. Thanks, friend. BTE is #2 behind DMB for me. I hope you like the rest of the posts too!

  5. Kari Jenkins DvmApril 1, 2014 at 5:25 PM

    I have a fever and the only cure is....... more COWBELL! Its nice to hear some if the backstory to some of what I already know about you.

  6. Thanks Kari! Oddly enough, this actually happened after my cowbell playing time at your house. I had seen them play at The House of Blues and they brought someone up on stage to play so when I saw them a few months later I made a sign that said "I Play Cowbell!" and held it up in the front row so that's how they picked me!

  7. Cool story. I envy your connection to music.

  8. I'd love that!! You're awesome!!