Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany

In 1987 I was nine years old when my mom took me to Boscov's and bought me this song on a 45. Yes, that was a record single. She would play it for me over and over and over.The two of us made up a dance routine that I might be able to preform now if I really tried! This is probably the happiest memory I have of my mom from my childhood, and possibly from my whole life. Those were some fun times we spent dancing in our spare room. 

I remember my friend Billy coming to school and breaking the news that the song had originally been recorded by an oldies artist! Gasp! I didn't believe her until it was later confirmed by my mom and she explained the concept of cover songs. 

I got the entire album on cassette at some point after that and memorized every song. I think this was most likely my first real venture into liking music of my own. My mom helped me turn a jean jacket into a vest like the one Tiffany wears into this video and I went as her for Halloween one year. 

Until I started working on this project I hadn't heard this song in years. It sure makes my heart happy to listen to it! I'll admit I still like it but my musical tastes have certainly evolved. I remember thinking this was the most awesome thing I'd ever heard in my life and I guess it was when I was 9! I also like watching the video as a reminder of how much our culture changes!


  1. Okay, TOO FUNNY!! TOO FUNNY!!!
    When I first heard the song and my mom was singing along to it, I was STUNNED!! "HOW do you know ALL of the words already?!?" --she totally could have played it off "I'm just THAT cool!" but she was too honest in her approach. "This is an OLD song!" & then she found the original and played it for me months later.
    I remember there being some kind of a separation/divide of girls who either LOVED Tiffany or LOVED Debbie Gibson. And in no way we're you "allowed" to like them both. LOL!!
    I wanted my hair to be like Tiffany's.
    I HATE hats and look ridiculous in them, but both singers donned THOSE hats (I hope you know what I'm talking about...) My cousin dyed my hair MAROON!!! (more purple than red) & I had a light purple hat with a white band around it. I thought I looked cute (I SOOO WISH there was a photo of this!) Until we went down the street to my grandparents and my great-grandmother FREAKED out "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLONDE HAIR?!?!?!!?" & the idea that it would never wash out slightly concerned me and my cousin. I think we used every cleaning chemical we could to wash it out of my hair (including Comet!)...I sported an orange hue for a little while.
    But that's my Tiffany-related memory. ;)

  2. Oh yeah, I rocked the numerous pairs of socks over my pegged jeans!! Great choice!

  3. Now that's playing in my head! I love that song!

  4. Great story, thanks for sharing! I knew a lot of ladies would connect with this one!

  5. I'm pretty sure this is part of the years that you & I spent time together. I bet we listened to it together!

  6. your mom sounds awesome.