Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La,Da by The Beatles

I thank my mother for my love of The Beatles. I'm sure I was hearing their music when I was still in the womb!

This song is special because I think it's impossible to listen to it without smiling! It tells us a story but of course it reminds us that life goes on and things keep going.

I think this song probably became prominent in my life during my pre-teen and early teen years when I regularly watched a TV show called Life Goes On which used this as it's theme song. I don't know how much I realized it at the time but the show was pushing boundaries and dealing with material that hadn't been handled on prime time TV, especially in a family drama. 

This song is on my running play list and my feel good play list. It's good for times when I'm low and need to be cheered up and for times when I'm happy and want to relish in it. It's a sing along loud song (in case you haven't noticed, I like those a lot!), it always makes me want to clap along and really get into it! I especially love songs like this that have lasted through generations and continue to be popular and stir up emotion. 


  1. I learned to sing this in elementary school. It was such a fun song to sing.

  2. yes, impossible to listen to without smiling! or dancing in your chair a little.. or is that just me? ;-)
    had to google the show, hadn't heard of it before..