Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yellow Submarine by The Beatles

As I mentioned in my O post, thanks to my mother I've enjoyed The Beatles' music from an early age. I've loved all things Yellow Submarine related for as long as I can remember. I was five or six years old when she got me this book and read it to me in the evenings at bedtime. I was fascinated by the illustrations and I've forever associated the song with these images.

It was sometime around this age that I saw the animated Yellow Submarine movie for the first time although surprisingly I can't recall it exactly. I do know that when I was a few years older, my mom wanted to buy the movie on VHS and had an extremely difficult time getting it. Our local video store had to special order it. This was of course in the early 90's, long before media was available at our fingertips like it is now! We watched the movie together as a family many times over the years. It wasn't until I was in my 20's and watching it on DVD with a friend that I ever realized the movie was thought of as psychedelic or anything like that. My friend turned to me and asked if I was usually high when I watched this and I was horrified at the suggestion!

One thing I inherited from my mother that I'm truly grateful for is my love of music. This song is important to me because it's one of my earliest memories of learning that from her. It's the ring tone that plays when she calls me! It's a fun happy song and this is my favorite of The Beatles' phases. I love everything about it, especially the images and characters from the movie. For me, there's nothing else like it!

My little Blue Meanie sits on my desk


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